A2S LIQUID MEMORY FOAM TECHNOLOGY uses Italian Engineering to bring you the most comfortable molded bra cups ever. Our revolutionary Patent Pending technology uses Liquid Memory Foam Injection Molding to create cups that are lightweight while providing superior support.

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A2S bras represent the new standard for molded cup bras. Our technology can be used to create an array of sexy shapes for an amazing size range, all of which conform naturally to the body and create great support. Our options cover a range of bra needs, from sexy plunge bra shapes to smoothing full coverage bras. For more information please contact us on info@a2stechnology.com

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Why Buy An A2S Bra?

Liquid Memory Foam Technology

Our revolutionary new technology has created an entirely new way to make molded bra cups. While traditional molded cups come from 2D flat foam sheets, our Liquid Memory Foam Technology uses injection molding to allow our cups to start out as 3D shapes rather than 2D ones. This allows us to create cups that feel and wear better than the average bra cup.


Traditionally, molded bra cups are cut out of flat 2D sheets and then forced into the shape of the cup. This leads to several common problems that most women experience with molded cup bras: cups flatten and wrinkle, bulky silhouettes under thin t-shirts and rigid cup shapes that don’t always conform to curves.

Our bra cups are made by injecting liquid memory foam into molds that are customized for each bra size and model, ensuring cups that are perfectly designed for all sizes and curves. This new patent pending technology also allows us to create cups that become so thin on the sides that they are nearly invisible, while creating thicker sections for extra support or better coverage in other sections of the cup. We can even change the density of the foam to create cups that range from super soft and light to more dense and supportive.

All for a great perfect fit!

How Liquid Memory Foam Solves Common Bra Woes

Liquid Memory Foam Technology manufacturing allows us to create cups that start out as three-dimensional shapes, ensuring that the cup is born in a 3D shape and will maintain it over time rather than flatten out. This makes our bras easier to wash and store. In addition, our new technology allows A2S bra cups to stay smooth instead of wrinkle over time.

By using different molds and liquid memory foam, we can create lighter cups that provide astounding levels of support. Instead of bulky padding, our cups can be custom molded to create coverage where needed and a thin, lightweight smooth cup everywhere else. By using custom molds, we can create cups with different designs and densities to use in different bra styles. This technology gives us the ability to create entirely different cups for different bra designs! After all, why should a sports bra have the same cup as a seamless t-shirt bra? With Liquid Memory Foam Technology, they don’t have to.

Traditional molded cups sometimes fit awkwardly due to their bulky fit and tendency to fall out of shape quickly. Our cups hold their shape longer than traditional manufacturers’ while conforming to curves to create a natural profile under clothing. Our bras have demonstrated both superior wash and wear capabilities over time and exceptional dimensional stability performance in throughout our testing process. This also extends the lifespan of each bra beyond the industry average.

A2S Bras

Memory Foam Bra

A new generation of molded bra cups to provide a new sense of comfort fit and shape to the bra. Our A2S Liquid Memory Foam Technology gives you bras that are newer and softer conforming to your body and providing you with all the support you need in the most comfortable way.

Push-up Bra

Using our A2S Liquid Memory Foam Technology we have created lightweight push up cups that are soft all around, comfortable ,and give you the support and cleavage you are looking for, while feeling always natural.

Contour Bra

We have created “a pad-no-pad concept” for bras and using our A2S Technology, foam & fabric sections can be placed where required in a bra cup providing fit, support and shaping where you needed without the feel and look of bulky traditional bras.

Unwired support

Our A2S wireless bras give you comfortable wire free seamless memory foam cups with integral support features for a great fit and uplift without underwires. The reinforced cradle and the cups are integrated seamlessly through our A2S Technology, which means no pressure points under bust and you can be more comfortable all day.

What makes A2S bras different?

A2S bras are made using a proprietary patent pending liquid memory foam technology that allows us to create feather light cups with stellar support. Our moulded cups disappear beneath even the thinnest fabric and feel soft to the skin. Once you try an A2S bra, you won’t want to go back to any other brand

How does liquid memory foam technology work?

Our bra cups are made by injecting liquid memory foam into molds that are customized for each bra size, ensuring cups that are perfectly designed for all sizes and curves. This also means that we can create a bra that looks the same from an A to a K cup.

What bra sizes do A2S bras come in?

Most of our bras come in cup sizes A through K and band sizes 30 through 40. For more information please email us on info@a2stechnology.com.

How can I buy a bra with A2S technology?

For full range of basic and fashion bras made with our A2S technology please contact us on info@a2stechnology.com.

What types of bras are part of the A2S family?

We’ve applied our technology of all types of bras, from plunging push-up bras to sports bras. We’re especially proud of our wireless options that go all the way up to a K cup without sacrificing support.


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